Defined as the mother of one’s father or mother; a female ancestor. My grandmother, Lucille Ware, is not only the mother of my father but she is my interior style icon. As a young child I remember gazing up at grandma’s blue hanging lamp that hung from the left corner of the living room in my grandparents two story wood frame house. The lamp was unique, nothing like I had ever seen. It was ornate with gold detail and blue stained glass. When the lamp was illuminated, I thought it possessed magical powers. My cousins and I were mesmerized, sitting staring up at the lamp patiently waiting for it to do something. Perform magic tricks, maybe? Oh to be young, naive and easily entertained. What I did not know back then is that one day that beautiful “magical” lamp would become the Brandi Ware icon.

“In the end, we’ll all become stories.”
– Margaret Atwood

After years of begging, pleading, and groveling at grandma’s feet the lamp was finally mine. Thank you grandma!!! That’s right, that beautiful lamp moved from grandma’s living room to my living room. Same exact placement; left corner. She is beautiful. She is bold. She is eye catching. She is vibrant. She is one of a kind. She is love. She, my lamp, is my grandmother in home decor form. And quite obviously, and for good reason, my favorite piece in my space. I love pieces that are not only beautiful but that also tell a story. My home is filled with antique goodies from my grandmother. Kerosene lamps, her flea market finds (thrifting is in my blood line!), serving dishes, an antique ice bucket, my size three toddler horizontal blue and white striped baby dress given to me by grandma of course showcased in a shadow box. When I look at these gems scattered throughout my space, I smile. I think about all the places grandma traveled to collect these pieces. I think about the people she met. I think about what drove her to make her selection. I think about how style is innate and with little money grandma had taste and style you can not buy. I think about how selfless grandma is. I think about how forgiving grandma is.  I think about how much grandma loves me.  I think if I, Brandi Ware, can become half the woman grandma is I will have a life well lived.

Your space should always elicit feelings of peace, joy and happiness. Good vibes only! Thanks to grandma my space and icon make my heart smile.  My space is my sanctuary full of infinite memories and stories.
What story does your space tell?